Recover Your Ability to Heal

About the Work

My name is Maia Grenell. I am a student practitioner of Dr. Steven Weiss, Osteopath and founder of the revolutionary healing system, Altar of Creation (AOC). AOC is a deeply transformational therapy for anyone who has been through any form of physical and/or emotional shock and trauma.

I am currently offering sessions by donation. Sessions last approximately 1 hour. Your donation will go toward my tuition and continued study. The curriculum consists of 10 classes, presented 3 times a year; 4 supervised one-day clinical intensive trainings, two private intensive clinical internships, and extensive direct personal supervision and mentoring under founder, Dr Steven Weiss.


About me

Many people who have experienced shock or trauma have the experience of trying everything, but still not being able to heal.

It was no different for me. I tried so hard, so many different techniques and therapies, but found myself time after time cycling back again to ground zero.

There is no doubt that other treatments were helpful, but it was AOC that got me out of the cycle – healing something so deep and fundamental, so the other treatments could really take hold. I hold a BA from Columbia University, am a mother of two, and have a back ground in early childhood education. I work with children and adults.

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

The Altar of Creation is a SYSTEM for solving clinical problems that prevent you from healing and regulating yourself.  It does not endeavor to chase symptoms around the body, or to fix things. The practice of AOC is woven together threads of Embryology, Sacred Geometry, Structural and Mechanical Engineering, Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving Systems Analysis, Principles derived from The Science of Osteopathy, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Law, Martial Arts, and Native American as well as Tibetan traditions. Each thread comes out of Dr Weiss’s own clinical experience and represents the difference between someone healing and someone continuing to suffer without relief!